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  • Lanterns and Lamps

    Custom Logo Lantern Sunny Trading

    Custom logo lantern for Sunny Trading made on a baby milk can. Logos can be quite the challenge but sometimes they come out as perfect as these.

    Maybe it’s because Sunny Trading has been a supporter for many years already.

  • Lanterns and Lamps

    Custom Logo Lantern Rotary

    This was a special order by Rotary Curaçao as a farewell gift to one of their members. We took the liberty to create an impression on how the lanterns are made from baby milk cans to a shiny personalized gift.

  • Lanterns and Lamps

    Custom Logo Lantern Vidanova Bank

    This is one of our biggest Lantern sizes, the Bucket Size. The Vidanova Bank logo was requested as decoration for a party. The Bucket size is very easy to spot from a large distance and gives the possibility to experiment with some new techniques.

    Bucket Size Lanterns are made from big powder milk cans and start at 80,- and can …

  • Wood Art

    Wooden Curaçao Flags

    The wooden Curaçao flags are made from leftover pallet wood. After collecting hundreds of tiny pieces piled up wood we decided to give them a new life. The Keychains are hand painted and have original Curaçao coins.

    Also available at:



  • Wood Art

    Store Displays

    Products displays are custom made for stores and fairs and fitting to the brand and/or product.

    With Herbology as a regular customer we have made product displays for a lot of different stores.

  • Natural Materials

    Succulent; Mother of Millions

    This succulent can go from cute to huge depending on where and how you plant it. We keep it small in reclaimed jars and pallet wood but it can also easily be planted in a garden. The plant doesn’t need much water but will give you plenty of love. It’s offspring grows on it own leafs.

  • Wood Art

    Pallet wood trays

    The pallet wood trays come in many sizes and colors. They can be used for decorative purposes or as a serving tray.

    All trays are made of pallet wood and are custom-made.