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    Regular Size Sea Turtle Lantern

    The Sea Turtle is one of our most adored sea creatures but also protected. With this this Regular Size Lantern we hope to bring attention to our sea life and help with the awareness of wildlife protection.

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  • Lanterns and Lamps

    Regular Tall Prince TAFKAP Lantern

    Handmade Regular Tall Size Prince TAFKAP Symbol, originally in silver, customizable to your colors. This collectors item is only made on request.

  • Lanterns and Lamps

    Art Size Superman Collectible Lantern

    This Superman Collectible can come in many sizes. From our experience it looks best on an Art Size can. Art Size cans are mostly (baby) milk cans of many different brand. The Art Size is our favorite size to work with because our Art work really come to life and is still very easy to carry in your luggage on …