Our Friends

Friends support friends and as a friend of 2nd Life Curaçao you indirectly support many causes. 
2nd Life Curaçao is a community-centered initiative that focuses on education, self development and creativity. Rather than seeking donations, we are able to achieve our goals by creating and selling our products from materials that were on the verge of ending up in the landfill. Recycling, or rather, upcycling these discarded items (such as tin cans) give them new life, a concept that fuels our initiative and our participants.
Thanks to our friends we do receive some financial donations but we also receive materials like cans, glass jars, pallet & driftwood, paint and many tools. Because of these donations we have been able to support local non-governmental organizations and we had the opportunity to train and educate students and educators about the importance of animal welfare,  our environment, our social development and the importance of our economy.
2nd Life Curaçao believes in the four pillars of Sustainable Thinking:
1. Return of Inspirational Capital      
Humans, passion and purpose.
2. Return of Social Capital                 
Job opportunities & Personal development.
3. Return of Natural Capital               
Environment & Biodiversity.
4. Return of Investment                       
Financial capital.
Become our Friend and lets invest together in our society.
To become a 2nd Life Curaçao Friend contact 2ndlifecuracao@gmail.com and see what you can do for our community initiative.

Our Friends

We Support

What we have

Over 5 years we have collected a large variation of tools and equipment that we use for educational purposes.

Take a look on our Amazon Idea List for what we use in our Creative Communal Workplace.

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What we need

Even with all the shopping we did we are always on the lookout for more “toys” to teach more valuable lessons to 2nd Life Curaçao’s participants. 

Take a look at our Amazon Wish List for our future needs.

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