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2nd Life Curaçao was founded by Andy Kirchner (The Recycled Pirate) in 2013. As 2nd Life Curaçao’s name indicates it’s all about the 2nd chances in life.

The 2nd chances are created by using products that are recycled or upcycled and passed on to their next cycle in life. We live by the 3 R’s: Reduce, Reuse, Recycle. This way we can keep costs low and help the ones that really need that 2nd chance at life, our environment and our community as we create our sustainable economy.

2nd Life Curaçao creates stories, functional art as you will, with products that would otherwise go to waste. The people telling these stories are just as interesting as the end result itself.

Our slogan We Recycle Life tells all of our stories of creating a new, more aware, social and sustainable world.

Over the course of the years 2nd Life Curaçao has won the JCI IOBA Aspiring Creative Young Entrepreneur of the Year Award 2015, presented a TEDx Talk in Aruba and shipped their craft work around the globe.

Find 2nd Life Curaçao in stores at Lokale Concept Store in Punda or if you are a dog lover you should definitely visit Kluivert Dog Rescue Center Pop up shop at Mambo Beach Boulevard, if you visit downstairs, there is the unique souvenir boutique Out of the Blue that carries a sea theme lanterns line especially developed for the beach lovers.

Watch our founder's TEDx Talk

"Everybody deserves a second chance at life. No matter what and no matter how."
Andy Kirchner
Social Entrepreneur and Founder of 2ndLife Curaçao

2nd Life Curaçao creates 2nd chances for humans and products alike. By giving our “waste” a 2nd chance we create an addition to our economy that can feed our society.